International Day of Yoga: 21st June 2020

MUNICH — (MunichNOW Life) — The world is ripping apart among most smothering of times. The enemy cannot be seen yet it is pervasive. Even under such a pressure people seem to somehow brace their spirits up and let not the negativity suppress the strength of the venerated spirit.

It is one of the rarest of the events that has happened in the history of human race – the fiasco of corona disease. The human race is clueless about fighting back and defeating this enemy but at the same time, some adamant spirit deep down knows that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

In this scenario of upheaval and storms, one needs to calm down his mind. Some tool, some solution is required to give back the human brain its harmony and power of reflection to find and forge a way ahead. From sports to meditation, from music to fine arts there are several means that could assist the human mind to hold on to its strength which is the need of the hour.

One among such various sought after ways to calm down the mind and heal the body is Yoga. When human courage is trapped with fearfulness and anxiety, one needs to hold on to the craft of living. This craft can be realized through a 3000 BCE old magnetic science of “Yoga” whose origin is in India.

Yoga symbolizes “yog” which denotes unity. Yoga seeks the unity of mind and soul. Yoga is mentioned in ancient Indian scientific scriptures such as the Rigveda and the Upanishads as a healing practice. The concept of yoga is very old and was popular among ancient people. It dates back to 2nd century BC. Yoga is a prevailing practice in the east since its origin. In the western countries, it was introduced by a young scholar from India – Swami Vivekananda in the 20th century. Later it got quickly disseminated as a reflexive concept that destresses the body through Asanas and heals the mind through breathing techniques.

Considering its magnanimous attributes and increasing positive impact on millions of people , the United Nations General Assembly joined hands together for the inception of The International Day of Yoga which is celebrated annually on 21 June since 2015. The motive behind celebrating the International Day of Yoga is to increase awareness among people for its health benefits. The international day of yoga attains all the more significance in these turbulent times when the coronavirus is spreading.

Not only it is significant to maintain physical fitness but also it is critical to keep our psychological balance to move ahead with a calm firmness so that social distancing doesnot turn into social coldness. Yoga has phenomenal virtues to provide both. Its breathing techniques work as a therapy where one understands the true self and connects better within.

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Many among us were already having a much stressful life and now everyone is facing unprecedented changes in lifestyle due to Covid- 19 virus. With the increasing work from home options, the boundaries between the professional and personal space are blurring which is generating a lot of stress among young people. At the same time due to travel restrictions more and more elderly people are feeling the impact of depressing loneliness as their relatives, friends are no more able to visit them. Yoga can very impressively bolster everyone handle this situation. A half an hour breathing exercises and the asanas can steer our day in a positive direction.

Yoga is getting popular and more and more people are becoming aware of its aesthetic and physical benefits but still there is a lot of scope that Yoga becomes an integral part of their lives. In today’s stressful time, yoga must be a daily companion in the journey of our lives. International Day of Yoga is just a reminder that yoga is not a choice, it is a way of life. When we start understanding the principles of yoga, we begin to understand ourselves better and that is the first step to self-healing and self fitness which is the need of the hour.

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