Investments in energy transition at record level

Geneva (dpa) – The energy transition is making progress worldwide: last year, according to a study, investments in a more sustainable energy supply exceeded the 500 billion dollar (415 billion euro) mark for the first time, despite the pandemic. 92 of the 115 countries studied have made progress since 2010, reported the World Economic Forum (WEF) foundation in Cologny near Geneva. 
“All of the ten leading economies have substantially improved their environmental sustainability, particularly by reducing the carbon burden in the energy mix, thanks to strong political commitment and investments in the energy transition,” the WEF wrote. 
Germany moved up from 20th to 18th place year-on-year in the WEF’s Energy Transition Index. Sweden remained in first place, as it has for the past four years, followed by Norway (previously 5th) and Denmark (previously 4th). The USA was ranked 24th (32nd), China 68th (78th), and India dropped from 74th to 87th place. 
The index compares energy systems in 115 countries. It takes into account factors such as economic development and growth, environmental sustainability and energy security, and the willingness of governments to move towards secure, sustainable, affordable and inclusive energy systems. 

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