Shrove Monday in lockdown

Cologne/Düsseldorf (dpa) – Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the big carnival parades have been cancelled. In Cologne, however, there is at least some slight consolation: from 2 p.m., WDR television will broadcast a miniature version of the Shrove Monday procession – produced by the Hänneschen stick puppet theatre. This involved a 32-metre-long backdrop of Cologne’s old town being erected in the carriage construction hall of the Cologne Carnival Festival Committee.

There is also a ray of hope for the carnival revellers in Düsseldorf. Eight designs by float builder Jacques Tilly will be on display there. According to the Düsseldorf Carnival Committee, the sculptures will be on show in the city centre for about two hours. They will not be driven through the streets in convoy, but on individual trailers following three different routes.

In Unna, meanwhile, everything is different. The traditional Shrove Monday procession will be taking place there despite corona – because it is relatively pandemic-friendly in any case. For 65 years, Helmut Scherer, the chief jester of the Westphalian town, has been parading around with what is probably the smallest Shrove Monday procession in the world – dressed in costume, with a kettledrum and a little music cart.

To avoid crowds of spectators at the roadside, the 86-year-old has moved his solo spectacle to the city’s hospital grounds this year: “That way I can also bring a little joy to the patients there during this time,” Scherer told the German Press Agency. His motto this year is “Banging the drum despite the lockdown”.

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