To improve security in the Indo-Pacific

Berlin (dpa) – Together with its partners, Germany intends to promote compliance with international law and improve security in the Indo-Pacific. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) announced that a part in this will be played by the frigate “Bayern”, which will be setting sail for Asia on Monday. The shape of the future international order will be decided in the Indo-Pacific, he said.

“We want to help shape it and take responsibility for maintaining the rules-based international order,” Maas continued, adding that Germany is involved in monitoring the UN sanctions against North Korea and is expanding its partnerships and engagement in the region. In terms of security policy, the German government has also referred recently to China’s increasingly dominant presence.

The “Bayern” will be setting sail from Wilhelmshaven. According to the navy, the frigate will spend about half a year at sea between the Horn of Africa, Australia and Japan. During the voyage, which will last roughly six months, the ship will also call at ports in partner countries.



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